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NOTE: For starters – take note of what your WordPress Theme is as you’ll need this for a full install as this process is just a quick backup that exports your websites content & stores the data in an XML file.

I save this file in 3 separate places, generally

  • On my computer
  • On an external hard drive
  • And lastly up in the cloud; Dropbox is awesome!

This is in case something happens with my website then I’ve got backups stored everywhere.

Creating a User couldn’t have been any simpler … in your Dashboard USERS > ADD NEW

Enter details then select the type of ROLE the user will have access to  ADD NEW USER

You can edit the user & also include an image too

The easiest way to create a CONTACT US form is to search for a PLUGIN that specifically does this for you.

In your DASHBOARD, go to:


Look for one that serves it purpose, I’m using CONTACT FORM 7, then


Manipulating the CONTACT US Form

Go to your DASHBOARD > CONTACT > CONTACT FORMS (a form has been automatically generated for you)

Then go to the MAIL tab, check your email address &everything else is correct, click SAVE.

In the CONTACT > CONTACT FORMS screen you’ll see the name of your CONTACT FORM & there’ll be a SHORTCODE next to it.

Copy that, ADD a CONTACT US page … paste the SHORTCODE in there & PUBLISH

Now you should have a CONTACT US page that people can fill out & when it sends, it’ll go directly to the email you’ve setup in WordPress.