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Systems Analysis & Design


*Scope Definition

*Problem Analysis

*Requirements Analysis

*Logical Design

*Design Analysis

*Physical Design & Integration

*Construction & Testing

*Installation & Delivery

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Transform Business Requirements into Physical Design specifications
    • How technology will be used in system (will be constrained by architectural model from previous phase)?


Systems Design (Integrating Commercial Software – Buy Solution)

4.1 Research Technical Criteria & Options

4.2 Solicit Proposals or Quotes from Vendors

5A.1 Validate Vendor Claims & Performances

5A.2 Evaluate & Rank Vendor Proposals

5A.3 Award (or Let) Contract & Debrief Vendors

Systems Design (In-house Development – Build Solution)

5.1 Design the Application Architecture

5.2 Design the System Databases

5.3 Design the System Interface

5.4 Package Design Specifications

5.5 Update the Project Plan

Technology based views of a System:

  • Physical database Design Specifications
  • Physical business process & software design specifications

Feasibility Checkpoint: GO or NO-GO?


  • System Designers
  • System Analysts
  • System Users


  • Combination of:
    • Physical Design Models & Specifications
    • Design Prototypes
    • Redesigned Business Processes

Reference: SAD pg 86, 453 – 466

Framework for the

Application of


Thinking (representative systems development process).

FAST Phases are more detailsed than the classic phases:

  • Scope Definition
  • Problem Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Logical Design
  • Decision Analysis
  • Physical Design & Integration
  • Construction & Testing
  • Installation & Delivery

Reference: SAD pg 71, 79