Who would’ve thought that I’d ever have an issue going fibre ways? … And yet here I am not liking the fact my Internet Provider moved my landline connection VOIP ways when I specifically requested 2 YEARS ago that they keep it via copper connection in case of emergencies!

Copper Landline Pro’s

  • Can STILL use if electricity is out
  • Can have phones connected to telephone jacks throughout house
  • Don’t need an Internet connection to operate
  • Home Alarm System can be monitored

Copper Landline Con’s

  • Older technology, expensive to run

Fibre Pro’s

  • Newer technology
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Fibre Con’s

  • Phone line needs to be directly wired to router
  • Router needs to be on to work
  • Cannot use if power is out
  • Cannot use to monitor Home Alarm Systems or other medical devices