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Systems Analysis & Design


*Scope Definition

*Problem Analysis

*Requirements Analysis

*Logical Design

*Design Analysis

*Physical Design & Integration

*Construction & Testing

*Installation & Delivery

Purpose of phase:

  1. Is the problem worth looking at?
  2. If problem worth looking at, the following needs to be established …
    • Size & boundaries of project
    • Project vision
    • Constraints or limitations
    • Required project participants
    • Budget & Schedule


1.1 Identify baseline problems & opportunities

1.2 Negotiate baseline scope

1.3 Assess baseline project worthiness

1.4 Develop baseline schedule & budget

1.5 Communicate the Project Plan

Feasibility Checkpoint: Go or NO-GO?


  • System Owners
  • Project Managers
  • System Analysts


  • Problem Statement (PIECES Framework)
  • Scope Statement
  • Statement of Work


Reference: SAD pg 79, 167

The following 6 categories are useful for classifying problems, opportunities & directives (NOTE: Some problems may fall into multiple categories):


Information (& data)


Control (or security)

Efficiency (of people & processes)

Service (to customers, suppliers, partners, employees)

Reference: SAD pg 77