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Systems Analysis & Design


*Scope Definition

*Problem Analysis

*Requirements Analysis

*Logical Design

*Design Analysis

*Physical Design & Integration

*Construction & Testing

*Installation & Delivery

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Identify Candidate Technical Solutions
  2. Analyse Candidate Solutions for feasibility
  3. Recommend Candidate System as target solution to be designed


5.1 Identify Candidate Solutions

5.2 Analyse Candidate Solutions

5.3 Compare Candidate Solutions

5.4 Update the Project Plan

5.5 Recommend a system solution


  • Candidate Systems Matrix
  • TELCOS feasibility

Feasibility Checkpoint: GO or NO-GO?


  • System Users
  • System Designers (System Builders)
  • System Analysts
  • System Owners


  • System Proposal (or Request for System Proposal)

Reference: SAD pg 84, 194

Framework for the

Application of


Thinking (representative systems development process).

FAST Phases are more detailsed than the classic phases:

  • Scope Definition
  • Problem Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Logical Design
  • Decision Analysis
  • Physical Design & Integration
  • Construction & Testing
  • Installation & Delivery

Reference: SAD pg 71, 79