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Systems Analysis & Design


*Scope Definition

*Problem Analysis

*Requirements Analysis

*Logical Design

*Design Analysis

*Physical Design & Integration

*Construction & Testing

*Installation & Delivery

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Translates Business Requirements into System Models (Data Flow Diagrams)
    • Technology independent (translate words into pictures)

Tasks: First task can be broken into 2 separate functional requirements categories: Structure & Prototype

4.1a Structure Functional Requirements

4.1b Prototype Functional Requirements

4.2 Validate Functional Requirements

4.3 Define acceptance test cases

Methodologies (Agile Modelling):

  • Architected Rapid Application Development
  • Extreme Programming


  • Logical DATA Models = Data & Info Requirements
  • Logical PROCESS Models = Business Requirements
  • Logical INTERFACE Models = Business & System Interface Requirements


  • System Analysts (draw models)
  • System Users (validate models)
  • Project Managers


  • Logical System Models & Specifications

Reference: SAD pg 84, 189

Framework for the

Application of


Thinking (representative systems development process).

FAST Phases are more detailsed than the classic phases:

  • Scope Definition
  • Problem Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Logical Design
  • Decision Analysis
  • Physical Design & Integration
  • Construction & Testing
  • Installation & Delivery

Reference: SAD pg 71, 79