Will update regularly as I rediscover HTML shortcuts that I use often. These need to be inserted into the HTML coding tab when editing your website.

Ampersand, &

Places an & in your content instead of using the word “AND”



Generates a © symbol, just add where necessary


Horizontal Rule

Places a horizontal line in your content to separate sections

<hr />


A MUST HAVE when populating websites! Justifies the page & gives a professional feel to it. Enter the following in the HTML code before the paragraph starts:

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>

To close statement, place this at the end of the paragraph:


Line Breaks

Use of this will break (or drop) the rest of the sentence down the line


Non Breaking Space

This is VALUABLE if you are trying to add special characters into your content, it stops browsers trying to break (or separate things) that really needed to be kept together. It can also be used to create spaces as there’s no real tabulated feature available.



Put <pre> before content, it will display text as it is typed out, useful when writing code & you don’t want the spaces taken out


Put </pre> after content to close 


Less Than Symbol, <

Generates a < symbol, just add where necessary


Greater Than Symbol, >

Generates a > symbol, just add where necessary


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