The WordPress website needs to be created in its own folder with the IIS Manager pointing to it.

Create folder: wp-sqlsrv

  • Access IIS Manager
  • In C: drivefollow path to: inetpub > wwwroot
  • Create a folder called: wp-sqlsrv
  • Set permission levels in the folders properties by:
    • Right-clicking on the wp-sqlsrv folder
    • Scroll down & select Properties
    • Go to Security tab
    • Grant local IUSR account Write Access to the folder

 Create website: WordPress.html

  • Access IIS Manager again
  • Add a new website called: WordPress
  • Point to the folder just created: C:inetpubwwwrootwp-sqlsrvWordPress.html
    • Go to: Bindings section
    • Create IP Address or hostname of server:

Select Application Pool

An Application Pool is used to separate sets of IIS Worker processes that share the same configuration & application boundaries.  It is automatically created when the website above is created.

  • Go into: Application Pools
  • Select: WordPress Application Pool
  • Go to: Advanced Settings > Identity > Custom Accounts
  • With Domain Admin Rights, enter username & password of account


Retrieved 18:24 p.m. 05/06/2011

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