Domain Name

DOMAIN NAME is the world wide web address you want your website to be at, e.g. Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion the DOMAIN NAME is a critical part of your business. It quickly sets the tone of your website.

In saying that though, I have noticed people trying to cram a whole sentence as part of their domain. This deters me from their site immediately as:

  • It’s too wordy & hard to type out all the time without bookmarking
  • It’s hard to remember or doesn’t stand out from similar websites &
  • It doesn’t look profession

I like unique domains personally, it helps me remember them more than long-winded ones. It’s like Apple Computer, Inc doesn’t sell apples you know? But who would’ve thought that this fruit would be instantly recognisable, glowing on the front of someone’s laptop?! How simple is that logic?!

It’s a weird Branding Strategy that works! This made me wonder how Apple Computer, Inc co-founders Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak discovered the name? Are apples related to computers?  View full article »