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So we have a domain name, now what else is needed?  Well you must be able to host the domain name over the Internet.

Most domain name registrars will also offer this package, but it soon became apparent that better options were available if one chose to do their homework first. It’s amazing how technology has gotten better over the years & the same with businesses needing to have a competitive edge with prices. What used to be a small monthly fee has now become a small annual fee. It’s amazing!

Recently, I’ve managed to:

  1. Discover a community that helps you build a successful online business
  2. Setup a domain through them AND
  3. They also host & have other positives

It’s really made it a no-brainer, keep in all under the same umbrella & that’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate . Feel free to ask any questions!

Domain Name

DOMAIN NAME is the world wide web address you want your website to be at, e.g. Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion the DOMAIN NAME is a critical part of your business. It quickly sets the tone of your website.

In saying that though, I have noticed people trying to cram a whole sentence as part of their domain. This deters me from their site immediately as:

  • It’s too wordy & hard to type out all the time without bookmarking
  • It’s hard to remember or doesn’t stand out from similar websites &
  • It doesn’t look profession

I like unique domains personally, it helps me remember them more than long-winded ones. It’s like Apple Computer, Inc doesn’t sell apples you know? But who would’ve thought that this fruit would be instantly recognisable, glowing on the front of someone’s laptop?! How simple is that logic?!

It’s a weird Branding Strategy that works! This made me wonder how Apple Computer, Inc co-founders Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak discovered the name? Are apples related to computers?  View full article »

Here you will find the tools needed to setup your own website.  For starters you need to invest in the following:

  1. A Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting Service Provider
  3. Web Editor
  4. File Transfer Protocol
  5. Cloud Backup Storage
  6. Graphic Editors

UPDATE: 5 years later & I honestly can’t believe I’ve found one place that accommodates everything under the one umbrella! Wealthy Affiliate is a business building platform online. You can either log in under a Starter Account, which will give you access to 2x free websites through SiteRubix or upgrade to a Premium Member so that you can buy a Domain Name through SiteRubix too as well. Hosting is inclusive under the Premium Membership too. Some added features include:

  • Database Monitoring
  • Malware & Virus Monitoring
  • Filesystem Monitoring
  • Hacking & Intrusion Monitoring
  • Site Performance Monitoring

But that’s not all, you’re also part of an awesome community, so if you’re stuck building a website, you have support just a click away in Live Chat – 24/7! This site has become so addictive, I can see progress & have been plodding along throughout the wee hours of the morning. Next minute, I’m stumped scratching my head at 3am & people are always around to help you out!  It’s just awesome!


System Enhancement:

8.1.1 Validate the problem

8.1.2 Benchmark program

8.1.3 Study & debug the program

8.1.4 Test the program

System Maintenance:

8.4.1 Analyse Enhancement Request

8.4.2 Make the quick fix

8.4.3 Recover existing physical system

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Deliver the system into operation (production)


  • Smooth transition from old system to new system


  • System Builders
  • System Analysts
  • System Users


  • Operational System
  • Post-Audit Review

Reference: SAD pg 88

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Build & test system that fulfills Business Requirements & Physical Design Specifications
  2. Implement interfaces between new & existing systems



6.1 Build & Test Networks (if necessary)

6.2 Build & Test Databases

6.3 Install & Test New Software Packages (if necessary)

6.4 Write & Test New Programs


7.1 Conduct System Test

7.2 Prepare Conversion Plan

7.3 Install Databases

7.4 Train Users

7.5 Convert to New System


  • System Builders
  • System Analysts
  • System Users
  • Project Managers
  • System Designers


  • Functional System
  • Final Documentation

Reference: SAD pg 87, 684 – 694

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Transform Business Requirements into Physical Design specifications
    • How technology will be used in system (will be constrained by architectural model from previous phase)?


Systems Design (Integrating Commercial Software – Buy Solution)

4.1 Research Technical Criteria & Options

4.2 Solicit Proposals or Quotes from Vendors

5A.1 Validate Vendor Claims & Performances

5A.2 Evaluate & Rank Vendor Proposals

5A.3 Award (or Let) Contract & Debrief Vendors

Systems Design (In-house Development – Build Solution)

5.1 Design the Application Architecture

5.2 Design the System Databases

5.3 Design the System Interface

5.4 Package Design Specifications

5.5 Update the Project Plan

Technology based views of a System:

  • Physical database Design Specifications
  • Physical business process & software design specifications

Feasibility Checkpoint: GO or NO-GO?


  • System Designers
  • System Analysts
  • System Users


  • Combination of:
    • Physical Design Models & Specifications
    • Design Prototypes
    • Redesigned Business Processes

Reference: SAD pg 86, 453 – 466

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Identify Candidate Technical Solutions
  2. Analyse Candidate Solutions for feasibility
  3. Recommend Candidate System as target solution to be designed


5.1 Identify Candidate Solutions

5.2 Analyse Candidate Solutions

5.3 Compare Candidate Solutions

5.4 Update the Project Plan

5.5 Recommend a system solution


  • Candidate Systems Matrix
  • TELCOS feasibility

Feasibility Checkpoint: GO or NO-GO?


  • System Users
  • System Designers (System Builders)
  • System Analysts
  • System Owners


  • System Proposal (or Request for System Proposal)

Reference: SAD pg 84, 194

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Translates Business Requirements into System Models (Data Flow Diagrams)
    • Technology independent (translate words into pictures)

Tasks: First task can be broken into 2 separate functional requirements categories: Structure & Prototype

4.1a Structure Functional Requirements

4.1b Prototype Functional Requirements

4.2 Validate Functional Requirements

4.3 Define acceptance test cases

Methodologies (Agile Modelling):

  • Architected Rapid Application Development
  • Extreme Programming


  • Logical DATA Models = Data & Info Requirements
  • Logical PROCESS Models = Business Requirements
  • Logical INTERFACE Models = Business & System Interface Requirements


  • System Analysts (draw models)
  • System Users (validate models)
  • Project Managers


  • Logical System Models & Specifications

Reference: SAD pg 84, 189

Purpose of phase is to:

  1. Define & prioritise the Business Requirements
    • Most IMPORTANT phase
    • Analyst finds out what users want or need out of new system


3.1 Identify & express system requirements

3.2 Prioritise system requirements

3.3 Update or refine the Project Plan

3.4 Communicate the Requirements Statement


  • System Users
  • System Owners (if they use system)
  • System Analysts
  • Project Managers


  • Business Requirements Statement
    • Business Data Requirements
    • Business Process Requirements &
    • Business & System Interface Requirements

Reference: SAD pg 83, 185